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Park In - Service Design for Shopping Mall Parking Lots

ParkIn is a service redesign project for shopping mall parking experience, including software, hardware, and customer services.

The problem we were solving was the low-efficiency and inconsistent customer experience in traditional parking services that comes with the rapid vehicle number growth in developing cities.

As a fundamental service of shopping centers, parking experiences can greatly affect the whole shopping trip. We built a complete mobile application for the whole experience for users who drive to shop— from outdoor navigation, to indoor wayfinding, till leaving and payment, as well as the suggesting hardware on market to work with the software. 

Addition to products,  we also created service solutions for better connecting the parking process with the overall shopping experience.

I worked independently as the UI and UX designer and also participated in the research stage with 2 other researchers. My deliverables include a user research document, a complete set of high-fidelity interfaces, and an interaction prototype

Prototype Overview