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‘Intangible World’ is a virtual reality art installation. It blurs the distinction between the real and virtual world, by connecting the physical elements with this virtual environment. I’m trying to create some extreme environment and recurrence the notion of ‘materiality’ in my work. Everything here would convey the sense of a certain property in this intangible virtual world.

Individual Project

Time: Mar – May, 2018
Platforms: HTC Vive with SteamVR; Unity 3D, scripted in C#; Cinema4D; Adobe Photoshop
Music Credit:  Equality 7-2521, 7&AND5 ; Sleeping Spirit, Quok

I designed two different experiences for this, soft and acute. The world’s built by elements with the certain property. Like bubbles, bouncy balls, clouds, feathers in the soft scenario and the specular pyramid, shards, neon lights in the acute one.

Viewers are able to interact with all elements in the space, explore and trigger different visual and sound effects in this virtual world to fully immerse into the set. And with their interactions, I wish they could perceive some long-lost experience in my work.



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