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Ebb And Flow / 潮起潮落

Ebb And Flow is a kinetic light installation that expresses the motion of ebbs and flow.

Collaborator: Elvin Ou

Light is always perceived as a static element, and we want to break that boundary and explore light in a more vivid vision. The project is to use light as a medium of art through motion and refraction that reveals tangible and natural phenomena like "Ebb and flow", which is to create a recurrent/ rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth through light.

We filled the acrylic tube with mineral oil, lighted it up from both ends to explore its reflection with the movement .
A motor is rotating the long shaft above, the couplers transfer the rotation into a linear motion of the tubes beneath, and by connecting the wires from different orientation points, they will create asynchronized movements.

Material List:

12 acrylic cylinders with oil

24 1W WW LED beads 

24 aluminum heat sink plates

24 laser-cut ends enclosures

2x Wood Axis
1x Base Board

Nema-17 Stepper Motor

A4988 Stepper Motor Driver

Arduino, Silicone Wires

1x 12V Power
1x 3V Power

Fishing Wire, Glue