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April, 2019
Clay, Cosmetic Products

Camouflage is a series of work collaborated with Chenshan Gao as an exploration of identity as well as a response to the consumerism bubbles which we enjoyed nowadays.
The idea began with a previous interactive work my partner did earlier, "Smile, Please". It's a system that detects smiles and uses a thermal printer to tell users if their smile is “good” enough or not while also using electrodes to shock the person if their smile was not “good” enough. Then, users will be given The Manual of Smile Etiquette after each experience.

Smile, Please                        
There will always be all kinds of invisible standards for our behaviors or appearances given by others or the environment and society. Appearances are becoming the most direct part of the curated identities, ‘thanks to’ the consumerism, retailors are giving their products certain functionalities: ‘a lipstick shade no males could resist’, ‘the invisible foundation designed for dating’, ‘the eyeshadow makes you feel unreachable’... we ended up desiring to become a better self through buying more cosmetic products, even they’re similar and knowing we got too much to use.
We’re simply tired of hearing those propagandas selling make-up products as a way to make up ones lives. There’s nothing wrong with putting on make-ups, but the obsessesions with cosmetics are just another reflection of the insecure of the true self.

Stacking lines painted by lipsticks.

Those shades were all designed for a certain daily life sceanario in promoting propagandas.

A typical ‘good-looking-face’ with perfect facial features

and we applied 50+ layers of foundations on this face