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Body Voyage


We see human are like the ants to the cities,
cities are like the arts to the conutries
so as countries to earth, earth to the galaxy.

And we are always wondering
how the sense would be
if we are the little creatures in our bodies,
as we look around inside the bodies?

Collaboration Project

+ Xinyue Li Creative Director & Animator  Jian Yao 3D Artist & Animator
+ JM Yang Programmer  + Yan Zi Programmer  + Chunxu Dai Multimedia Editor

August, 2016

Design Process

Idea Pitch ->  Research -> Ideation -> User Analysis -> Brainstorm -> Prototyping <-> Play Tests

After research and brainstorms, we decided to make 4 major interactive scenes: mouth (oral cavity), stomach (digestive system), alveolus (respiratory system) and wound (immunity), as well as two transition animations of flowing in veins and intestines for our game.
The modeling and 3d animation parts were mostly done in Maya, and we used Untiy and steamVR as the developing platform. 

Slide to view the scenes:


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